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Welcome To Pacesetters' Schools Abuja!

Pacesetters’ School is a co-educational private international school. Our Founder’s rationale for starting Pacesetters is predicated on setting the pace for others to follow. Pacesetters’ School offers world-class education. Our founder notes that, ‘The education of a child must be comprehensive enough to provide the students with leadership skills to excel in all of life’s feats. We face many challenges in today’s modern world and it is imperative that our youths are equipped with the knowledge, character and strength of purpose to navigate such trials. I am confident that the future alumni of Pacesetters’ School will have the integrity, wisdom and strength to be future leaders in whatever endeavours they pursue. This makes Pacesetters’ School to stand out as one of the best schools in the world. We are really setting the pace!’

Why Pacesetters Schools?

There are many reasons why most parents are keen for their children to gain entrance into Pacesetters’ School. However, some of the reasons that sit high up on most lists are: the ideal of uncompromised academic excellence and the attainment of good character by all pacesetters. We believe that those who remain morally upright have a high sense of self-discipline. A first class character with a second class brain is better than a first class brain with a second class character. We offer the best educational programs in the world.

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There are so many wonderful things to say about Pacesetters' Schools. It is so much more than an ordinary school. I have two children in Pacsetters' Schools and have never had an iota of regret enrolling them there. The school provides a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independence as well as team learning experiences, which helps the children to develop skills in areas that are critical in furthering their education and extra-curricular activities. Well done Pacesetters' Academy, I'm thrilled my children are part of the pace setting team. Shalom!
Mr Tonna Adaba
I am very pleased with our experience so far at Pacesetters' Schools, I personally love the strong Montessori curriculum, I feel very honored having my son Al Mustapha in the school. He has progressed immensely beyond my expectations, I love the excellence your teachers pursue as team and as leaders you all work so hard to equip our sons and daughters with knowledge. Thank you for making it such a safe place for learning, I am consistently impressed.
Haj. Amina Mustapha
My child is a pupil of Pacesetters' Schools The best decision I ever made was enrolling my child in the school, the school offers uniquely safe, supportive, and conducive teaching and learning environment for children of all ages. What I loved most about the school is the staff passion towards service delivery, working tirelessly as a team to understand and encourage every child stretching their talent and addressing their needs Pacesetters has helped in building my child’s confidence and his writing skills has improved immensely. Thank you Pacesetters, keep setting the pace!
Mrs Mercy Daniel Mingyi